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How does Qbit Currency Work, and what are the benefits for Me.
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Private Secure Easy to Use Powerfull API Cloud Based Advanced Back-End Payment Gateway

What’s all this Mean

Qbit Hybrid Silver crypto Currency is a new way to look at the long term Value of a cryptocurrency and its blockchain transactions, Qbit is an Electronic Digital Currency with an intrinsic worth, allied to the Silver market plus, an Extrinsic Coin Value determined by its users the same as other fiat currency.

Yes, this crypto business seems risky like anything thats new, but being in at the begining is where it's at, Qbit is working to changing this perception of a new currency form and to make it widely accepted for transactions anywhere and in any country in the world just like the Dollar and the GBP, Without the inflationary control buy Banks and Government agencies. Qbit devs have been hard at work setting up a solid security advanced back-end with a powerfull API, with a Next generation payment gateway with total Privacy and security of Transactions.

At the end of the day Privacy, Ease of use and community Benefits for all the peoples of the world are the ones that matter?

The Platform to
Buy & Sell Qbit Currency

Qbit Electronic Digital Crypto Currency, the Money of the Future provides a new way to use a Community Driven, Secure, Intelligent & Easy to use payment Platform providing equitable global Participation in a blockchain driven Electronic Digital Currency with an intrinsic worth, plus an Extrinsic Value determined by its users the same as other Fiat traded currencies.
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Offer Direct

1 Q Ordinary = $0.15
exchange rate
$ and GBP
accepted currency
100 Q Ordinary coins= 10,000 bits = 1 Q Silver
No min Silver transaction amount
1 oz. Q Silver = $15.80 USD
1 Q Silver Buy Rate
Start May 11 2021 - 11:00 AM GMT
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left until Offer Direct starts

End 0000, 0000 - 5:00 PM GMT

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The Team

The Mercian
Marketing Manager

Our Thanks to the Giants who's shoulders we stand on to many to mention...

Community Devs

Got Skills as a Dev join us put them to use benefit the Qbit community and yourselves all welcome
no formality give it a try...

John Doe
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Qbit Silver Mobile Wallet Now Live and Available from: Qbit Silver Wallet.

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Qbit is a Silver Asset backed Private Decentralized Electronic Digital Currency and global payment network without any central authorities. We use Mixins which mix your private key with those of other users. This Mixin is based on a concept called Borromean Ring Signatures and makes your transaction totally private and untracable.

There was no ICO and the bulk of Qbit Coins will be offered direct to the users it is meant to serve.

Holders of Qbit are rewarded with extra value generated in the Qbit Currency purchasing power by profits from our trades in Silver on the precious metals market, also by the value users and the market place on Qbit currency coins.

  • Qbit Currency has 100 bits = 1 Qbit ordinary coin, and 2 decimal places, ie: 100 cents in a Dollar same as 100 pence in a pound (similarly to most fiat currencies in use today) this makes payment values easily understood..
  • 1 Qbit Silver coin has 1 oz of .999 fine silver per coin, 100 Qbit ordinary Coins equal 1 Qbit Silver as a base line value with an extrinsic user determined value added.
  • Miners earn 116.15 Qbit per Block every 90 seconds.
  • As with any world currency their are no limits on Qbit Coins but only so many are produced in a 12 month cycle.

Qbit is an ASIC-resistant Privacy Currency that can easily be mined with your PC's CPU with enough ram and hard drive storage for the blockchain or you can join one of the mining pools.

  • Qbit LiteBlock Technology allows the blocks to be small while including all neccesary transaction data within a block retaining all of the privacy features of the Qbit blockchain.
  • The Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm used by Qbit is the cpx algorithm (CPU and GPU) can be used for mining. Generally the more memory your CPU or GPU has, the more hashes it processes in a second as long as your core/thread count can keep up with it.

Our algorithm is ASIC-resistant and the Qbit strategy is to minimize ASIC mining on our network allowing its users to mine with their PC and reap the block reward for their efforts.

Website: https://qbit.money/.

Wallet: https://qbit.money/gui-wallets.html.

Explorer: https://qbitblockexplorer.com.

Block Time (sec): 90 = 40 Blocks per hour.

Consensus Method: POW.

Genesis Date: GENESIS_BLOCK_TIMESTAMP = 1609078260.


Coin Supply: As volume Required, No set size.

Masternode: None. Not required Qbit is a Decentralized Totaly Private Currency.

Network Transaction Fees: .10 bit per transaction

There will be no ICO just an Offer Direct to all our supporters to buy Qbit Silver Asset backed Electronic digital Currency at a reduced price giving them more value and purchasing power as Qbit starts to be accepted world wide as a valid Secure payment alternative.

Qbit is a no-premine Crypto Currency. We believe everyone who looks to support Qbit currency should have a fair and equal chance at mining Qbit.

We Apologise for the delay in returning Qbit Coins to your wallet we have changed the email address please only send purchase details and wallet addreses to this email. Please feel free to send us any questions you still want answered to paymetc.com@gmail.com and we will add them to our FAQ sections.

Is Qbit Hybrid Silver cryto currency a Safe haven for the future.

Definitely YES, As all Countries Currency continues it's downward slide and loss of purchasing power leading to an inflationary rise in the worlds Economies, Qbit Hybrid Silver Asset coin can never be worth less than the spot price of Silver on any given day, as Silver prices continue to rise over the next few years you may well see the Silver price hedging $100 dollars per 1 oz, This means that 1 Qbit will be worth a minimum of $1 dollar per coin thats the intrinsic value, the extrinsic value as more and more people use the coin has no ceiling the same as Bitcoin has no ceiling but also has no intrinsic value unlike Qbit Silver our base price is tied to the Silver market spot price this gives you a safe harbour and an investment return with full privacy of your transactions, you missed the Bitcoin float dont miss the Qbit one.