Qbit a Hybrid Silver Payment Asset CryptoCurrency.
Sending Money around the world, or
paying for goods and services Should be easy,
and nearly as cheap as sending a text message.
No matter what you do, What Country you live in.
Now Let's change Your world
together with Qbit Currency

We are being asked to change the Decimal point of Qbit to 5, this would allow 5 point currency trading, On Monday a person that many people follow emailed us and after a short conversation we have agreed to implement this change in the decimal point, All wallets will remain safe, wallet balances will be upgraded to reflect your purchases and mining totals, all silver coins remain as per market values and silver purchase wallets will be updated to reflect the new values.
This going forward can only be a good thing for Qbit and it's user's.
So please bear with with us as we make these changes as this is a huge upgrade.

Qbit Crypto Currency.

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You can now Earn 358.74921 Q Ordinary coins per block mined...

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Qbit 1oz .999 Fine Silver Coin
Crypto Currency Asset

Qbit 1oz .999 Fine Silver Coin obverse
Qbit 1oz .999 Fine Silver Coin back

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Qbit Currency Mobile Wallet App

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Qbit Ordinary coin

No Hidden strings

Using Qbit Currency there's no credit card needed to make a payment, so no one can steal your PIN its exactly like having coins and notes in your pocket but no one can steal them.You pay with your public address and Protect your privacy, your secret key is your Money let no one see it. Qbit Currency follows the Monero lead and is a private, secure, untraceable, decentralised Electronic digital currency for everyones everyday use.
Your money is yours.
The bank is you.
You control your funds, nobody can trace your transfers unless you allow them to do so.
Commit to the future of money Join QBIT Currency Now

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Qbit Ordinary coin

Small Transaction Fees

There are no fees for individuals to receive Q in a Qbit Wallet, Fees with a Qbit Currency wallet are not related to the amount of a transfer completed, You can send Q 1 = $0.03000 for the same small fee as sending Q 1000, Qbit Currency is Digital electronic cash allowing for inexpensive payments from and to any country in the world with no holding periods, and removing the traders nightmare of credit card fraudulent chargebacks and heavy transaction charges. It is safe from capital controls these are measures by governments that restrict the flow of traditional currencies in times of economic depression, All participants are completely anonymous.

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Private and Secure

Qbit a Silver Asset backed Hybrid, Private Decentralized Electronic Digital Currency, and global payment network, Qbit Currency a fungible Electronic means of payment and trade with a minimum value floor, Privacy and Decentralization with an obfuscated transaction ledger allows anybody to broadcast or send a transaction, no outside observer can tell the source, amount, or destination of the payments. No one can make a payment on your behalf or steal your money So long as you take the required steps to protect your wallet, Qbit gives you total control over your money and the best level of protection against fraud and unwanted attention.

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Your Financial Future Now together with Qbit

Qbit a hybrid Silver Asset Private Decentralized Electronic Digital Currency and global payment network without any central authorities. Qbit is a reward currency all profits from Silver sales go back into the Qbit Coin to increase the Intrinsic coin value and add Purchasing power for our users. Qbit has a minimum Asset floor value, with an extrinsic value assigned by the market, There are no fees for individuals to receive Q in a Qbit Wallet and there never will be, Military Grade encryption secures the network and lets individuals control their own finances, No banking Fees, Traders have No fraudulent trading chargebacks with Qbit Currency.
Q transactions are fast and Secure for everyday Trade and Purchases and totally untraceable, Qbit transaction charges are the best in the industry.

Qbits blockchain is capable of handling high transaction volumes, its transaction data generation is instant and the network supports Volume trade..

QBIT is not a Bitcoin clone code it owes its existence to Monero and turtlecoin base codes with our input going forward.
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Crypto poses a threat to the safety of global payment systems, fintech boss warns.

More fear gendering from the establishment, They can now see there rip-off, overpriced payment and banking systems losing out to Crypto currencies like Qbit Currency the safest Crypto currency on the market, The new payment system from Qbit will have a fee for Qbit transactions of 0nly 0.01 no matter how much your Transaction is, let the Banks and fiat Payment providers compete with that, No Chance?

QBIT Currency Beta form went live Online 30th September 2021, Qbit Currency a Hybrid Silver Digital Electronic CryptoCurrency Asset Coin, Safe, Secure, Totally Private Crypto currency for daily use to pay for purchases and services on a Global platform.

There are no fees for individuals to receive Q in a Qbit Wallet and there never will be.

Governments now invest in Crypto Currency, they can now see that they can't stop the move forward into Crypto Digital Electronic payment assets, as an everyday payment medium for the people of the world.

Cryptocurrencies like Qbit, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum (and other altcoins) continue to make headlines and attract new investments especialy in todays market place. With Russia now unable to access banking systems in the west, how will it make any financial transactions? well One answer could be CryptoCurrencies. It's beleived that Russian citizens hold billions of crypto assets like Bitcoin, and they could use CryptoCurrencies to buy other crypto assets and services. One of the major arguments for cryptocurrencies has been that they're decentralized and largely immune from the actions of central banks and regulations. That can be used for good or bad, depending on how you look at the situation. Today, we're seeing that cryptocurrencies June be one of the few ways Russian citizens and the government itself will be able to move assets around the world.

Qbit CryptoCurrency
A Hybrid Silver Fractional Payment Asset.

Qbit is a hybrid Silver fractional CryptoCurrency payment Asset, it's available for purchase directly in USD or GBP.

Silver is and always has been a universal currency and has stood the test of time over the centuries as a safe haven Asset. It has the ability to preserve purchasing power in adverse economic condition such as economic and monetary collapse, hyper-inflation, and other effects of the erosion of a fiat currencies purchasing power, this puts it in a unique category that government-backed currencies cannot compete with. The World is once again facing financial instability on a scale not seen since the twenties, Silver's place in the global economic landscape once again takes centre stage with Qbit Hybrid Silver Crypto Assets.