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China Screw Bitcoin and Other legitimate Cryptocurrencies to Force you to use there Shitcoin

Price analysis: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BNB, DOT, LINK, CRO, BSV, LTC. The Massive ajustment in the Bitcoin (BTC) Price following the news of the Chinese Goverment Crackdown on all cryptocurrencies except there own Shitcoin, this shows that the underlying sentiment and prejudice against Cryptocurrencies unless controlled by a Government or by Banks remains as strong as ever in the crypto field.

Qbit CryptoCurrencyQbit Crypto Payment Currency
The Bank of Russia suggests complete crypto ban except of course for its oligarchs

The Banks and Governments are now really worried they will not be able to steal money from their citizens with corrupt legal frameworks if decentralized CryptoCurrencies like Qbit, Monero, Bitcoin achieve world acceptance as the Go to money and payment provider systems for the General population.

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Mastercard and PayPal Accept Crypto Payments.
Mastercard merchants will have the ability to receive payments in cryptocurrency before the end of the year:

Qbit Crypto payment Currency Platform Will Disrupt the Market

QBIT Currency Silver Global Payment initiative Designed for a decentralized private and secure crypto payment space with Silver as a hybrid base value, With safety of digital electronic assets as a priority requirement in a fraudulent financial marketplace, others cannot see your balances, or track your activities enabling Safe, Secure, payments to Merchant or friends and Family.

Justice Department sees a lawfull way to support Banks stealing your Money again

US charges bitcoin exchange founders over money laundering, Great shame the crooks in the Justice department, What a Misnomer "Justice" couldn't see fit to charge HSBC and JP Morgan with Money laundering could they, but hey that would set a precedent of jailing all Bankers as thieves woudn't it, and once a thief always a thief.

Major players now investing in Crypto Currency

More advisers clients crave crypto coins despite downturns associated with this new currency market, They see a growing form of acceptable currency with no responsibility to corrupt governments intervention, Currency such as Qbit is available for all to use with privacy inbuilt on the transaction platform, all transactions and payment verifications are checkable in the Blockexplorer.

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China Aims to Disrupt the Cryptcurrency Markets

Bitcoin is weathering the storm at $23,000 it has been driven down by the Russia war on Ukrainian territory, and Goverment and Bank crackdowns on Cryptocurrencies they have no control over this is part of the GREAT RESET: Banks INTENTIONALLY Useing 'Sneaky Tactics' to force Everyone to GO CASHLESS so they can control your lives, that's the reason they want to stop currencies such as Qbit, a value added crypto currency that fiat and other Cryptocurrencies cant match, this provides no opportunities for Financial Markets and Banks or Governments to steal your money and keep you poor which is the name of the Financial game.

This Platform May Disrupt the Market

Bitcoin futures and options sentiment held steady despite the BitMEX and Kucoin news, signaling a run is near..

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