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When Purchasing Qbit Please download and open a Wallet from: Qpay GUI Wallets
Then send your Public Address begining with QBC Together with a copy of your Transaction invoice to Qbit at: to allow us to add your Qbit Coins to your new wallet.
The OFFER DIRECT was supposed to start "As the Blockchain Explorer comes live online", but sales have started as we were unable to turn down those who saw this page and bought Qbit So we are putting the OFFER DIRECT online as of today 17/06/2021.

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Quality Management Systems

Qbit is a Completly Private Crypto Currency with anonymity and untraceability as Default, It's a Stable, Dependable and Secure Blockchain, our widely used Open Source software combined with our robust and responsive design packages and Multi-level authorization providing role based security, allows Qbit to keep your data Private and secured on the Blockchain.

The Qbit blockchain serves as a public financial transaction database, it is to most practical intents and purposed immutable, Transactions in a decentralized Blockchain cannot be changed without enormous cost being involved hence Qbit is safer than a bank vault, the Qbit Blockchain has inbuilt safeguards to prevent tampering with data..

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Secure and Cloud Based
Software Management

Security of Qbit assets is our No1 priority, With a Payment Guarantee, the Blockchain is run on state of the art servers with updates and patches as needed for the Blockchain security.

Qbit is under active development as a Global crypto Payment Platform for everyones everyday purchase and payments without borders.

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Benefits of using Qbit Electronic Digital Currency

With a Qbit GUI wallet.

Real Time Updates

The Blockchain updates in real time and all transactions can be viewed and Confirmed from the Transaction Hash and ID on the Qbit Blockchain explorer.

Smart Management

We have a small team who manage all the day to day workings of Qbit, with Community developers that keep the Technical works running on state of the art Servers in different locations.


From Sole traders to Merchants, or ordinary people selling on ebay, all can profit from using Qbit with very small fees and instant payment with no charge backs every traders nightmare eliminated with a Qbit Payment.


All Transaction on the Qbit blockchain can be viewed and verified in the Qbit Block explorer. Join the Forum at Telegram for everyday updates and happenings in the Qbit Blockchain..

Blockchain Technology

A Private Secure Blockchain, handling Qbit Global Digital electronic Currency for everyones everyday use, Secure Wallet transactions with your own keys and your public payment address.

Email Notification

Email and Newsletter are used to inform you of updates, purchases and offering on the Qbit Platform, Queries will be answered by Email but take longer please use the forum at Telegram for a much faster reply from Devs and users who can help.

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Roadmap to Success

We are up and Running, Now we go forward with the Communities help.

May 10th, 2020 Planning
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Put a few beers and developers together with lots of late nights and hey presto you have a working plan of action, it was a start.

May 10th, 2021 Project Launch
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We had the software and hardware in place all be it a lot still to do, so we went live and ran tests to iron out the bugs and yes there were quite a few with a giant learning curve for all of us.

April 7th, 2021 Set up Qbit Offer Direct
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We decided against an ICO offering as many Scam offerings do this, Instead we are going to make an OFFER DIRECT to the community as a whole giving everyone the chance to get onboard at a small cost with great potential rewards to those who join us at QBIT CURRENCY..

May 15th, 2021 Tier 1 Active
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Hardware upgraded and online run test daemon to check for bugs.

May 10th, 2021 Tier 2 Active
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1st implementation of software online for debuging and hardware checks.

march 2021 Production Start
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Nodes online and mining begun, Bugs ironed out, Production started..

May 10th, 2021 Project Live
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Software run ups to check all works okay and allows us to iron out any problems, We have a few more things to do before the offering goes live.

Offer Direct and Qbit Distribution

Crypto Currency Coins and Tokens will be the digital utilities that power and incentivize the Crypto ecosystem and platform.
The Crypto Coin provides access to the platform

Name: Crypto Qbit
Ticket: Cryptowallet
Platform: Qbit
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