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Your Qbit Qbit wallet can Securely Pay an invoice, Tip, or Receive Qbit Currency with some of the fastest transaction confirmation times... Transactions typically confirm at about 20 to 35 seconds!... Qbit have inbuilt some of the best privacy features available for our customers Safety with anonymous transactions as default...
Your wallet secures your Qbit currency in total privacy, while Qbit transactions remain visible but untracable on the Qbit explorer...

Blockchain Explorer

Open a Qbit wallet send your public address begining with QBC.... to Qbit via: Contact page add address in box and we will give you Free Qbit currency to get you started in 2021...

Have you got Skills then help our Community Get involved with Qbit Currency
All welcome

Claim the Q50,000.00 BOUNTY for a working copy, "from our source code", for a Qbit Mac wallet release of the Qbit wallet, Please use the contact form on most pages to contact Devs

See the GUI-wallet at: Source Code:  Qbit-wallet

Never used a GUI wallet before, No problem, Just follow our simple instructions to get your first Qbit wallet up and running, Have fun.     Using Your GUI Wallet

This wallet is perfectly safe to use. The code is published open source under the MIT license and visible for anyone to examine